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Réponse au message de GB ; Sujet : Briques alvéolaires

Pseudo : XwSaGF75w
Mail : whfldqriv6t@yahoo.com
Sujet : Re : Briques alvéolaires
Déposé le : 2017-02-09 05:09:34
For better fare in the same neighborhood, head on down to the Market Club on 5th Street south of Broadway. Turn right into the warehouse-y area at 2630 5th, go about midway through the parking lot, park, and the Market Club will be on the left. It is refreshingly no-frills, and you can seriously roll out of bed and show up wearing your PJs and still have crusty eyes. One of my dining companions years ago ordered the &##2y0;balone2&88221; just because it was spelled “baloney” instead of “bologna” on the handwritten sign on the wall.

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